I recently received an email from Compassion Circle informing me of the discontinuation of the Vegekit and Vegecat phi products.

Here’s an excerpt from the email.

Due to FDA and EU compliance issues, we are phasing out the Vegekit and Vegecat phi supplements when current stock runs out. Despite our using the acidifier in Vegecat phi as it has been approved by the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), it has come to our attention that all supplements claiming urine acidification require specific CVM approval. We do not have the resources to petition the CVM for Vegecat phi’s continuation at this time. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can be added to the diet to acidify urine if needed, but most cats maintain proper urine pH using Vegecat and VegeYeast.

Vegekit will be discontinued because we are no longer able to compliantly use arachidonic acid in our supplements. The expiration date on the current stock of Vegekit and Vegecat phi supplements is 11/2019.

Please see the following page of our website for an explanation of how arachidonic acid’s omission in Vegecat can be handled.


Again, we sincerely regret these stock issues and the need to discontinue products. On multiple occasions, we’ve searched for a more reliable manufacturer. Unfortunately, the size and complexity of our account has limited our options to this manufacturer that produces a fine product but who’s delays have jeopardized our business. After extensive dealings with AAFCO feed control officials in the US, and EU customs issues in 2018, we’ve had to make the difficult choice to only produce compliant products. Until last year, we were unaware of the compliance issues our supplements presented, but we are 100% confident that those non-compliant products do support optimal health for cats and dogs on the respective Vegepet diets.

We certainly understand your disappointment at these problems and changes and always welcome feedback. I will do my very best to reply to questions and feedback within 24-hours. Thank you for all you do to promote home-prepared and plant-based feeding options for companion animals. We appreciate your efforts, business, patience, and understanding. We are all working towards a healthier and more compassionate diet and planet, and Compassion Circle, despite the current setbacks, sincerely wants to continue supporting these efforts.

The good news is we will be having a 15% off clearance sale of the Vegecat phi and Vegekit products until they sell out.

Our Vegecat phi and Vegekit have an expiry date of 09/2019.

  1. Vegecat phi™ for Adult Cats (425g) – Was $68, Now $57.80
  2. Vegecat phi™ for Adult Cats (850g) – Was $120, Now $102
  3. Vegekit™ for Kittens (425g) – Was $60, Now $51
  4. Vegekit™ for Kittens (850g) – Was 105, Now $89.25