There has been positive news coming out of South Korea regarding their declining dog meat trade.

Dog slaughterhouses are closing down, dog meat sales are falling and people’s attitudes towards consuming dog meat are also changing. As a result, it is becoming increasingly unprofitable to farm dogs for their meat.

The Humane Society International (HSI) signed a 20-year contract with the owner of a dog farm to keep him out of the dog meat business. The 200 dogs rescued from the dog farm will now be flown to the United States and Canada where they will be put up for adoption by HSI.

This goes to show that even a tradition that has been going for hundreds if not thousands of years can be stopped if it becomes unpopular enough.

It didn’t happen overnight and it must have taken decades to slowly spread the awareness of dog cruelty and the unnecessary slaughter of dogs for food before the idea hit a tipping point in South Korea.

The same principles that caused the decline of the dog meat industry in South Korea are similar to the vegan movement around the world.

As more people adopt plant-based diets for themselves and their domestic cats and dogs, the demand for meat will slowly but surely decrease. Over time, it will become increasingly unpopular to consume meat to the point that animal farmers will be forced to look for more profitable work to do.

I sincerely hope that the lines between a pet animal and an animal farmed for food will continue to be blurred to the point that there is no longer any selective compassion of animals.