I recently came across an article titled Feeding dogs a vegan diet is completely unfair on our furry friends by an Irish publication.

Definition of Dog Fairness?

The author of the seems to be implying fairness to dogs is to let a dog eat whatever they like to eat, regardless of whether it is good for them or not.

She cites her own dog as an example and lists used cotton buds, dead chicken carcass on the side of the road, vomit and her leather jacket as things her dog has consumed.

I can agree with her about dogs eating all sorts of things because my dog is the kind of dog who will eat anything once.

However, that doesn’t mean I should let my dog eat anything and everything just to satisfy his curiosity and strange tastes in food.

As much as I love my dog, I am aware that he may be prone to bouts of stupidity and I see it as my responsibility to prevent him from committing anything that may harm himself or others.

No Bacon or Bones for Her Furry Friend, Strictly Beetroot and Broccoli

According to the author, she has a vegan friend who feeds her dog only beetroot and broccoli. This sounds like an exaggeration.

I would be shocked if a vegan did this when there are vegan dog food and vegan dog supplements that can provide a dog all their nutritional needs.

Forcing Veganism on a Naturally Carnivorous Pet Is Narcissistic

Dogs have evolved from their carnivorous wolf ancestors into omnivores thanks to our human ancestors who fed ancient dogs a starch-rich diet.

Humans have also evolved and our technology has improved tremendously. We now have the means to feed nutritionally complete vegan pet food to our cats and dogs that do not harm other animals, humans and the environment.

Narcissists only care about themselves and almost never consider the negative impact of their actions.

I content that vegan pet food is the opposite of narcissism because we care about the negative impact of factory farms on animals, people and the environment.

Vegan Diets Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That It Is in a Dog’s Best Interests

How is meat-based dog food in a dog’s best interests?

If a meat-based dog food diet is in my dog’s best interests, then why are there so many pet food recalls for meat-based dog food?

You can find out more about the reasons behind vegan pet food by reading Why Vegan Pet Food.

Enforcing Our Personal Nutritional Lifestyle Isn’t Doing Right by Your Dog

The author made a very fair point about dogs not caring whether their dinner is ethically farmed or straight out of the rubbish bag.

My dog doesn’t care about ethics because he lives by his dog instincts and is incapable of making ethical decisions about the meat industry, environment and other animals.

My dog also doesn’t care that by 2050, we are going to struggle to feed 10 billion humans on this planet.

The world does not exist to make me and my dog happy. I need to make ethical decisions on my dog’s behalf for the benefit of other animals and the environment.

Photo by Lum3n.com.