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Compassion Circle

I have received a lot of messages about when the Compassion Circle products will be back in stock.

The short answer is I don’t know.

Compassion Circle made changes to their recipe, packaging and their manufacturing processes. This requires a new import permit and it is proving very difficult to get unless things are done in a certain way.

Compassion Circle believe they can rectify the situation later this year but I have no definite date.


Yarrah’s organic vegan dog food is now vegetarian.

This is their explanation on their website.

The quality of our food and therefore your pet’s health is our top priority. This is why we revisit our recipes on a regular basis to make sure they still meet legislative requirements and comply with the (European) FEDIAF guidelines for pet food. Unfortunately, the vegan vitamin D2 supplement was recently removed from the ‘Feed Additives Registry’, which means we can no longer use it.

We are working around the clock to try and get this plant-based vitamin back on the list (since the ingredient is deemed suitable for human consumption) or find a plant-based alternative. For now, we have no choice but to update our recipes. The D2 vitamin in our pet food will be replaced by an animal-based D3 supplement (only 0.000006%) from sheep’s wool fat.

The vegan vitamin D2 has been replaced with vitamin D3 made from sheep wool fat. As a result of this change, I am unwilling and unable to import their products until they source for a vegan vitamin D3 source.

I do not have a definite date on when or if Yarrah will find a vegan vitamin D3 source.

The remaining Yarrah products on vpets.com.au are all the last batch of vegan products they produced before this vitamin D2 issue came up.


At the time of this writing, Benevo Adult Original Vegan Cat Food and Benevo Adult Original Vegan Dog Food are completely sold out.

I am in the process of renewing my Benevo import permit with the Australian government. The process started in December but due to the Christmas break, it was delayed for at least two weeks. I got an answer from the Australian government in January 2021 but they asked a couple of new and difficult questions that they never asked for the first import permit I got approved for.

It has been a big hassle in getting the new information they want and that is why it has dragged on for three months without getting anywhere. I was expecting an import permit renewal to take about four to six weeks but it is already double that at the time of this writing.

I hope to get the Benevo import permit renewed sometime in March so that I can put in a new order to import Benevo products to Australia. It will probably take two to three months before the new stock will arrive. Therefore, it looks likely that the new Benevo stock will arrive between May 2021 to June 2021.


This is not an ideal situation but there is nothing I can do about Compassion Circle and Yarrah products at the moment. I am more hopeful about the Benevo products.

The good news is I can use this slow period to move my remaining stock to a new warehouse that will pack and ship all my orders going forward. I will update that in another post.