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I am happy to announce that we now have a new vegan dog food product, Benevo Adult Grain-Free Vegetable Feast With Mixed Herb Vegan Dog Food Tray, which is a grain-free wet food that comes in a case of 10 or a single tray.

Yarrah Trays and Cans Clearance Sale

This new Benevo tray product will replace the Yarrah Organic Vegan Dog Food Tray once the Yarrah trays are sold out.

The Yarrah Organic Vegan Dog Food Can and trays in stock are the last vegan products that Yarrah will produce until they find a way to make the products vegan and compliant with EU regulations again.

Please take this opportunity to order the Yarrah products before they are gone.

New 10% Off Discount Code to Celebrate My Dog’s Miraculous Recovery

My dog, Rocky, got seriously ill one week before Christmas 2021.

I will post more details in another post when I have a bit more time. The short story is he swallowed a dead animal that most likely had botulism bacteria.

The most likely dead animal we encounter during our daily walks in Cairns is cane toads that were squashed by cars. I have seen him eat at least four of them when I was not concentrating during our walks. One of them must have been bad enough to make him very ill.

He was paralysed for a week and had difficulty standing, walking and swallowing. He spent five nights in a vet hospital and he was close to death a few times due to complications with aspirational pneumonia. Miraculously, he got up and walked one day and his condition improved tremendously that he was discharged the following afternoon.

He is now recovering well and putting back the weight he lost during his illness.

Please use the coupon code, gorockygo, to get 10% off your next vegan dog or cat food purchase. The coupon code does not expire and you can use it whenever you want.