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Sorry for the inconvenience caused by some Benevo products being out of stock.

The new shipment of Benevo products has arrived in Sydney Botany port but it is awaiting customs clearance. I have no idea how long this will take at this point in time. The most likely date the Sydney customs will release the Benevo goods will be around the end of March or early April.

Here’s an update on the Benevo products after this new shipment has been released.

Although the sea freight prices have come down a bit, the other price increases have made this decrease negligible. There will be slight price increases for some of the products above due to Benevo increasing their wholesale prices, Sydney port increasing their port fees, transport companies increasing their fuel surcharges and the list goes on.

Worldwide inflation issues are a big pain to all of us at the moment. I don’t think the central banks and governments have any good ideas on how to address this issue because they were the ones who caused it in the first place. I cannot see high inflation going away any time soon due to the economic crisis that is starting around the world.

The Future of Benevo Products in 2023

I have received bad news from Benevo about potential supply issues coming our way soon.

There is a chance that all of the Benevo dry kibbles will be out of stock for a long time after this March/April shipment is sold out.

All I can say is manufacturing issues are the main cause of this, which results in vpets needing a new import permit from the federal government of Australia. The import permit application takes time due to delays from the federal government and Benevo. I cannot import new Benevo dry kibbles until the import permit is approved.

The worst case scenario is we will only have Benevo Adult Grain-Free Vegetable Feast With Mixed Herb Vegan Dog Food Tray and Benevo Duo Vegan Dog Food Can / Benevo Duo Vegan Cat Food Can in stock until Benevo sorts out their manufacturing issues and we get a new import permit approved.