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At vpets, we pride ourselves on providing a range of quality products and vegan cat food for Australia’s pet owners who want to keep their pets in the best of health. Our core range provides all the essentials for your cat, including vegan cat food, supplements, shampoos and conditioners. If you have been searching for an alternative to regular commercial cat food and products, then look no further than the range of essentials at vpets.

The Best Vegan Cat Food on the Market

For vegan cat food in Australia that is expertly engineered to provide your cat with all of the nutrients that they require, choose the vegan cat food range available at vpets. Every food we stock has undergone stringent testing to ensure that it provides the best nutrition for your cat, so you know that you can trust the quality range of Benevo vegan cat food in our collection. A quick look through our vegan cat food reviews will show you just how much your pets will love our products and the health results they can help achieve.

Vegan Cat Supplements to Create Healthy Home Cooked Vegan Cat Food

Our range of vegan cat supplements is for people who want to have 100% control of the ingredients that go into their cat food while ensuring the essential amino acids like taurine are supplemented into the food to make it nutritionally complete for cats.

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In addition to our range of delicious vegan cat foods and supplements, we also have a collection of vegan cat shampoo and conditioners designed to ensure a healthy pH balance — so your cat can look and feel good. Our entire range of vegan cat products is locally made from top-quality ingredients using only environmentally conscious processes.

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