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People choose to go vegan for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the enormous health benefits that come with eating a plant-based diet. For others, it is a concern for animal welfare and a form of environmental activism that drives their veganism. But no matter the reason, personal or political, one thing is for sure: vegan diets are on the rise.

In fact, it’s estimated that there are 79 million vegans around the world.


As we collectively seek to become more compassionate and humane beings, it’s only natural that pet owners also want to learn about vegan options for their furry companions. At vpets, we are here to guide you. Our online store offers the finest vegan cat products, plus information and practical advice for vegan cat parents everywhere.

vpets Vegan Cat Products

vpets has one of the best cat food in Australia for you to have a happy and healthy vegan cat. Our products fall into three categories.

Vegan Cat Food

Most cats have big appetites. But unfortunately, it’s difficult to know exactly what’s inside that glossy pet food bag or whether the ingredients are truly safe, healthy, and good for your cat long term. That’s where vegan cat food comes to the rescue!

vpets carries nutritionally complete vegan cat food. Trusted brands such as Benevo ensure your cat’s nutritional, vitamin, mineral, protein, and amino acid needs are being met in every scoop. Top-quality ingredients are sourced from plants, with added ingredients (like taurine and spirulina) to guarantee your feline friend’s body is getting everything it needs – and nothing it doesn’t.

Vegan Cat Supplements

vpets also carries bestselling vegan cat supplements.

Humans take vitamins to help with certain conditions. Likewise, vegan cats need a little boost in their diets. All cats require calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc and iodine, not to mention essential amino acids like taurine, arginine, and an assortment of vitamins, such as Vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B3, and B6.

vpets is proud to help vegan cats all over the world by carrying The Vegecat™ vegan cat supplement that allows you to prepare home cooked vegan cat food meals.

Vegan Cat Shampoo & Conditioner

Does your cat hate water?

Even so, a bath is sometimes necessary. Especially for hairless breeds, like the Sphynx, regular baths are a must to remove dirt and body oils. Treat your kitty to a spa day with vpets vegan cat shampoo and conditioner! Our products are vegan, tear free, paraben free, and dye free. Plus, they smell great and are naturally moisturizing and gentle on sensitive skin.

Currently, vpets carries Amazonia and Cat Space shampoos and conditioners.

Purrrfect for kitty bath time!

Vegan Cat FAQs


Humans and cats alike can live happy and healthy vegan lives.

The most important thing is to educate yourself about raising a cat to be vegan is providing nutritionally complete food for your cat.

This is NOT a transition that can be accomplished in a few days if your cat has been eating meat all their lives.

Follow the feeding guide of each vegan cat food product to transition a cat slowly into a vegan cat food product.

Luckily, you are on the vpets website, which is loaded with helpful tips and tricks to make your cat’s vegan adventure a success!

Hopefully, for a very long time.

However, there is no definitive research which gives an exact estimate of a vegan cat’s lifespan, because all cats are different. Several factors, including diet, exercise, breed, genetic health conditions, environment, etc. will play into how long a cat will live.

Interestingly, this study found that cats who ate plant-based diets were reported to be “in very good health” by their owners. This leads us to believe vegan cats will live long lives comparable to (or exceeding) those of meat-eating cats.


It is important to note that most vegan cat food products are not only made purely from plant ingredients.

Most vegan cat food products contain ingredients made up of plants, brewer’s yeast (fungus), seaweed (algae) and synthetic taurine.

No, if they are consuming a nutritionally complete vegan cat food product like Benevo Adult Original Vegan Cat Food or Benevo Duo Vegan Cat Food Can.

Yes, if you are planning to prepare homemade vegan cat food with vegan cat supplements.

When fed responsibility, yes. Always consult with a veterinarian or animal nutritionist for a full evaluation of your cat’s heath prior to starting any new vegan vitamin supplement routine. Your cats age, overall health, and specific needs should be considered.

It is more than okay – it’s preferable!

Non-vegan shampoos and conditioners may contain chemicals and perfumes that can potentially result in skin problems, allergies, hair loss, and even make your cat dangerously ill if licked or accidently ingested.

Conversely, vegan cat shampoos are plant derived. All fragrances and oils are natural. You cat will enjoy a deep cleanse that leaves their skin healthy and coat soft and shiny. No toxic residue leftover!

Think about it this way: why do humans use soap, shampoo, and conditioner?

Each serves a different purpose. The same goes for cats. If your cat is constantly fighting tangles and matted fur, they may benefit from a vegan conditioner. A warm bath does wonders in removing dead skin, saliva, loose hair, and dandruff.