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Deliver your dog all the nutrients it needs in an animal-friendly way with vpets great selection of vegan dog food. We stock premium vegan pet products to help you enjoy the companionship of your furry friends without the unnecessary suffering of other animals. As shown in numerous studies by independent researchers, a vegan diet for your dog is a viable alternative to animal products — ensuring they lead a healthy lifestyle in the kindest way.

Delicious Vegan Dry Dog Food

Easy to scoop and serve at mealtimes, we stock a range of the best vegan dry dog food packed with nutritional benefits for your pup.

Premium vegan dog food brand, Yarrah, has developed a tasty wheat-free kibble made from organic soya beans, peas, white lupine, baobab and seaweed. Ideal for dogs that have difficulty processing animal proteins and wheat, it’s a tasty meal-time treat that your dog is sure to love.

You’ll also find a great range of vegan dry dog food from Benevo, mixing a careful selection of healthy ingredients, including soya beans, white rice, barley, oats, sunflower oil and a bunch of vitamins and minerals. This recipe contains additional prebiotics to improve your dogs gut health without using any genetically modified ingredients.

You’ll find two varieties for adult dogs as well as a special recipe just for puppies between the ages of one and two months.

Unique Wet Vegan Dog Food Recipes

Add variety to your dog's diet with a mix of wet and dry textures. The Yarrah organic range provides nutritious and delicious wet food for your dog, all without the use of meat. Combining tasty meat-like chunks of soya beans, peas, carrots and rosehips, this vegan dog food is reviewed positively by pet owners as an easily digestible source of plant-based protein. Carefully selected to ensure your dog gets everything they need to feel energised and healthy, Yarrah vegan dog food is free from artificial additives and pesticides.

Buy the Best Vegan Dog Food in Australia From vpets

If you’d like to test the waters before committing your dog to a vegan lifestyle, you can try it before you buy vegan dog food with a free tester. We have a great selection of vegan dog products, from supplements and treats to shampoo, conditioner and biodegradable doggy bags.