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You have heard of vegan people, but did you know that dogs can be vegans too?

In recent years, vegan pet products have exploded in popularity. And no wonder why! Globally, there is a huge demand for healthy, environmentally conscious, and compassionate dog food options.

To help fur parents get educated on veganism for dogs, vpets has created the ultimate introduction to all things vegan dog food. Plus, we highlight why Benevo is the top pick for vegan pooches everywhere.

Let’s dive in!

What is Vegan Dog Food?

First, you may be wondering, “What exactly is vegan dog food?” After all, aren’t dogs omnivores, meaning they are supposed to eat meat?

Allow vpets to explain and clear up any confusion.

A dog who is fed a vegan diet does not consume animal by-products. This includes animal meat, bones, fat, etc. that is processed and mixed in with other ingredients to make dry kibble or wet food. Instead, a vegan dog’s food will be entirely plant-based.

3 Powerful Reasons Why Vegan Dog Food is the Best Choice for Your Pup

Curious dog owners considering the vegan lifestyle sometimes worry that because canines are widely thought to be omnivores (meaning they eat both animal matter and plants) they will suffer poor health outcomes if switched to a meatless diet. It’s an understandable concern. Of course, we all want happy and healthy doggies.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth!

Dogs are actually NOT obligate carnivores. Nor are they obligate omnivores. Essentially, this means that if fed a nutritionally complete diet, dogs can get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc. from a vegetable, fruits, and grains.

Pretty incredible, right?

Here are 3 extraordinary benefits of vegan dog food.

1. Higher Quality

When compared to meat-based, commercial dog foods on the market, vegan dog products win hands down (or should we say, paws down?) There is a reason why labels on bags of dog food are vague. It’s because most of the meat inside is low-grade. For example, slaughterhouse waste, spoiled supermarket meat, diseased cattle/zoo animals, euthanized stray street animals…the sad list goes on and on.

Plus, decomposing bodies carry risks. For instance, they can contain antibiotics, pesticides, plastics, and heavy metals.

You don’t want your dog eating those, do you?

2. Easily Digestible & Allergy-Friendly

Breaking down meat can be rough on a dog’s digestive tract. All that skin, muscle, fat, tissues and bone causes internal inflammation. This can lead to a flare-up in allergies.

If your dog has a sensitive tummy, Benevo vegan dog food is a fantastic option. Not only will this vegan choice help with constipation, gas, and loose stools, but it may also relieve joint pain in dogs.

3. Compassion For All Living Creatures

Thirdly, feeding a plant-based diet is the kind choice. Big brand commercial meat-based dog foods are the products of violence. It’s simply a fact. People who believe all living creatures deserve a peaceful life often opt for vegan dog foods.

Easy Steps to Transition Your Dog onto Vegan Dog Food

So, you are now seriously considering switching your dog onto a vegan diet. That’s wonderful!

vpets is here with information on how to start.

  • First, go slowly. Don’t switch your dog’s food bowl all at once. Begin by mixing 25% new food with 75% of the old food for a few days. Then up it to 50% and 50%. Later, try 75% and 25% so the transition is smooth.
  • Second, check protein levels. Peas, beans, lentils, soy, and tofu are all excellent (and yummy!) additions. Keep an eye on the carbs and fats too.
  • Third, assess your dog’s response to all dietary changes. Going vegan won’t happen overnight. vpets offers a wide range of foods and supplements designed to help with the transition. When in doubt, talk to your veterinarian.