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Vegan Dog Shampoo

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Splish splash, it’s time for your dog to take a bath! But before jumping into the tub, ask yourself, “Do I have the best dog shampoo?” Keeping our pups clean is a top priority. Without bath time, dogs can get muddy, dirty, and even sick. Plus, no one likes the smell of a dog who rolled in something stinky at the park…yuck!

Make bath time a breeze with vpets vegan dog shampoo and vegan dog conditioner.
What makes our products unique?
There’s a lot of love about vegan dog shampoo. Let’s start with the basics. The difference between “regular” shampoo and vegan shampoo is of course the ingredients that go inside each bottle. Whereas non-vegan shampoos will contain nasty synthetic chemicals (which can actually damage your dog’s hair long term) a plant-based option is a healthy alternative. Instead, vpets products rely on the power of Mother Earth. For example, our Amazonia Vegan Dog Shampoo is formulated with natural coconut oils from the Amazon rainforest. Unlike harsh chemicals, these are paraben free! Not to mention, no harmful dyes.

Additionally, vegan dog shampoos and conditioners don’t sting the eyes. Has your pup ever felt the burn of suds? Ouch, right? Getting shampoo in the eyes can be a downright painful experience for dogs. This results in redness, inflammation, itchiness, swelling, and discomfort. No thanks! We want to avoid that trauma. How? By only purchasing vegan-approved dog products.
Ah…it’s so nice to have a dog who smells like flowers!

The following are some customer favourite vegan shampoos:

Amazonia Vegan Dog Shampoo (Aloe Vera)
Amazonia Vegan Dog Shampoo (Passion Fruit)
Amazonia Vegan Dog Shampoo (Odour Control)

And for vegan dog conditioners, don’t miss out on trying:

Amazonia Vegan Dog Conditioner (Acai)
Amazonia Vegan Dog Conditioner (Oatmeal)

Vegan Dog Shampoo & Conditioner FAQs

Being a sustainable pet owner is more important than ever, as explained on the vpets blog. From an environmental standpoint, this includes doggy showers and baths. Remember, all those microplastics, parabens, and perfumes get washed down the drain. They later seep into waterways and oceans, polluting aquatic ecosystems and even making their way back into our drinking water! Conversely, with vegan shampoos, only natural and easily decomposable runoff is produced.

Most likely, yes!

Most dogs will see an improvement in the lustre and shine of their fur. As an added bonus, vegan shampoos are known to not irritate sensitive skin. Natural ingredients moisturize dryness and softly massage sensitive skin.