Rascals Treats Big Boss Rascals Mixed Dog Treats

Rascals Treats Big Boss Rascals Mixed Dog Treats

Containing a mix of all the Rascal Treats:


  1. Date Night (Date & Blueberry) Dog Treats
  2. Pump It Up (Pumpkin) Dog Treats
  3. On the Beet (Beetroot) Dog Treats
  4. Bitch Peas (Green Pea) Dog Treats
  5. Bark-B-Q Bites (Carrot & Capsicum) Dog Treats


Perfect if you just want to try them all and see which one your dog likes the most!


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100% Plant-Based

Only quality vegetables, fruits and pulses used in Rascals Treats!

Rascals Treats are vegan, nut-free, grain-free, oil-free and free from artificial colours and flavours!

Cruelty-Free Dog Treats

No animals harmed in the making of Rascals Treats!

Australian Made

Rascals Treats are proudly Australian Owned and Made!

Store treats in a cool and dry place. Use within two months of opening.

Size of DogAmount to Feed
Big7 - 10 treats per day
Medium5 - 7 treats per day
Little3 - 5 treats per day