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Vegan Dog Treats

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Whether you are practicing obedience training or just want to spoil your dog, vpets has a wide selection of the finest vegan dog treats on the market! Afterall, your goal is to have a happy and healthy pup, right? That’s why you read the labels and check ingredients before feeding your dog anything new. But unfortunately, finding high-quality vegan dogs treats in Australia can be…well...’ruff!

Luckily, vpets has vegan dog parents covered.

What makes our products unique?

First, of all, there’s no meat. Take Vegan Unreal Ears, for example. Believe it or not, all dog treats sold by us are cruelty free. With mouth-watering taste and droolworthy vegetable proteins, these easy vegan dog treats hit all the tastebuds. Plant-based snacks such as the Pawsome Organics Coconut & Kale Dog Treats (made with certified organic veggies) and Rascals Treats Date Night Dog Treats (made with dates, blueberries, and bananas) minus the meat, but reach maximum flavor.

What’s more, our vegan dog treats don’t contain preservatives. Zero. Zip. Nadda. Unlike other products that get loaded with unhealthy additives and potentially dangerous chemicals or pesticides, vpets is committed to only supplying snacks that are safe. Quality matters. That’s why many products are proudly Australian Owned and Made. Artificial colouring? Nope. What you see is what you get – the way vegan dog treats should be.


Is your dog feeling hungry yet?

We can’t blame them! Check out the following bestsellers by clicking here. For those just starting out on a vegan doggy diet, we recommend purchasing a bag of treats. That’s because dog treats are a fantastic way to transition canines onto a fully vegan diet by introducing these new food sources slowly and in a self-paced manner. For those seeking plant-based snacks for their four-legged fur friends, you can’t go wrong with any of the following:

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the vpet mission: provide nutritionally complete vegan pet food that doesn’t contribute to the unnecessary suffering of other animals.

Vegan Dog Treats FAQs


Both veterinarians and canine nutritionists have carried out research concluding it is safe to regularly feed dogs vegan treats. In fact, many dogs who are not yet vegan are encouraged to eat plant-based treats to improve skin issues, coats, allergies, joint pain, etc. The key is to make sure your dog is eating a nutritionally balanced diet…treats included, of course!

Absolutely. Just not the type of animal protein big pet food brands normally advertise. Instead, vegan dog treats contain beans, lentils, peas.