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Dog owners who are interested in pursuing a vegan lifestyle (for themselves and their pups) need to know the facts about vegan dog supplements. Just like humans, dogs have specific nutritional needs. For example, their bodies rely on calcium, riboflavin, and a whole series of vitamins to function. Loads of vegans prepare their own dog’s food. But people often wonder, “Is it really possible to keep my dog healthy on a vegan diet? Won’t they be missing out on crucial vitamins and minerals found in meat?”

Thankfully, vpets has the answer. Yes, it’s possible to meet all nutritional requirements with plant-based meals...with a little help from supplements for vegan dogs!

Let’s find out how.

What makes our products unique?

DIY (do-it-yourself) dog food is a great way to know exactly what your dog is eating. Unlike commercial pet foods with long, complicated lists of ingredients, homemade dog food is simple. You know precisely what’s in their bowl – you can see it! However, to be nutritionally complete, you’ll need solid recipes such as the Compassion Circle recipes. Each of these can be customized to suit your pooch’s tastebuds. After downloading, sprinkle on the vpets supplements and voila! Dinner is served.

Here is more information about what make our products “chef’s kiss.”

Firstly, they are non-GMO. Meaning no genetically modified organisms. Secondly, the supplements are human grade. So, every bite your dog takes is also edible for humans. From start to finish, vpets supplements undergo storing, processing, and handling that meets the same bar as one would expect for people. Furthermore, we don’t test on animals. Or use animal products. Everything is clean and cruelty-free.

Remember, these dog supplements are not to be taken by themselves. Create homemade vegan food with them according to the recommended serving sizes based on the weight, age, and health concerns of your dog.


With so many vegan dog supplements on the market, it can be hard for consumers to know which is best. To help, vpets has done the research for you. The following are our top three bestsellers.

  • Compassion Circle Vegepup for Puppies: Ideal for puppies as well as pregnant or lactating mother dogs.
  • Compassion Circle VegeYeast: Using a modified brewer’s yeast, this formula contains essential B vitamins and protein.
  • Compassion Circle Vegedog™ for Adult Dogs: A staple for vegan dogs everywhere. Pups are sure to love this supplement from Compassion Circle. When mixed into a prepared warm food, this supplement for vegan dogs hits all the mandatory dietary points. Check out the reviews to see just how popular this product is among Australian dogs!

Vegan Dog Supplements FAQs

To maximize their shelf life, it’s best if products are kept in a cool and dry location. Keep lids closed to prevent air from getting inside.

The internet is filled with excellent vegan dog food recipes, bloggers, and videos. However, the highly recommended ones are as follows.

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